On 23rd September, 2014, CEPI Director Milan Nič participated at a lively debate on the changing priorities of Czech Foreign Policy with First Deputy FM Petr Drulák. The debate was hosted by the Institute of European Studies and International Relations, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, where Deputy Minister Drulák came to present his views on the changing emphasis of Czech diplomacy on human rights, Havel’s legacy, regional cooperation in Central Europe (upgrade of Czech and Slovak cooperation with Austria),  relations with Poland and the future of Visegrad Group, including the V4+ formats.

His speech was followed by comments from Milan Nič, Director at CEPI; Juraj Marušiak, Senior Researcher at Department of Political Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences; and Jozef Bátora, Director of Institute of International Relations and European Studies, FSES BA, Comenius University.

During the debate, Milan Nič challenged Drulák’s view on Havel’s legacy and argued that by a different – allegedly “broader” – notion of human rights encompassing environmental and social rights, Czech Foreign Policy is losing its niche on the international scene and will be less interesting for its partners. Mr Drulák countered that the point of Czech diplomacy is not to be interesting, but rather result oriented.