Milan Nič, former head of CEPI’s Central Europe and South-East Europe Programmes, has taken over from Dániel Bartha as CEPI’s executive director as of 3 February 2014.

These changes are part of a broader management restructuring of three sister organisations – SAC, CEPI and CEA – which gave birth to a new umbrella organisation, the Central European Strategy Council. Strategy Council’s CEO Róbert Vass explains: “The new structure will help exploit synergies between our organisations and increase their combined impact on policy debates in the region and at the European level”.

Dániel Bartha has moved to Budapest where he will represent CEPI as the head of its Central European programme.

Milan Nič joined CEPI in October 2012 as a senior fellow. He has extensive experience in foreign affairs, civil society and the media from his previous work at the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the European Stability Initiative think tank, Pontis Foundation, the OHR/EUSR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Slovak foreign ministry. Together with CEPI’s honorary president Tomáš Valášek and CEPI’s external fellows Balázs Jarábik and Jana Kobzová, he is a co-author of a book of essays on the Slovak and EU foreign policy “Bruselenie Valašiek” (Kalligram, Bratislava 2010). We are excited about Milan Nic’s appointment. He brings a wealth of management experience to the job, along with unrivalled expertise in the Balkans and democracy promotion abroad.