In anticipation of Bratislava Summit in the new format of 27 states, since the British Prime Minister is not invited, BBC analyzes the positions and expectations of the V4 leaders in the post-Brexit EU. Last week, Victor Orban and Jaroslaw Kaczynski met together at the economic forum in the Polish town of Krynica and jointly expressed opinions calling for restructuralization within the EU and “counter-revolutions” in Hungary and Poland. And while V4 countries are unified in their rejections of EU migrant quotas and agreed on the need to increase security and strengthen the EU’s external borders, the Czech and the Slovak tones are less confrontational.

Milan Nič, the Head of Future of Europe Programme of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute, claims: “the Slovak EU presidency will not associate itself with anything like that [the Orban-Kaczynski ‘counter-revolution’”. Furthermore, “the Czechs are neighbours of Germany, and they’re very worried by the rhetoric coming out of Budapest and Warsaw,” he said.

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