The Brexit vote in the United Kingdom has created a new political environment as well as huge challenges for the European project in its nearest future. Moreover, it has also shaped the agenda of the New Pact for Europe – a project which aims to promote and foster European wide discussion as well as to propose ideas and recommendations addressing current shortcomings in the political and decision-making process of the European Union.

On 30 June 2016, GLOBSEC Policy Institute hosted a meeting of the Slovak National Reflection Group. The session analysed the current perception of the EU among Slovak citizens, highlighted its most urgent deficiencies from the Slovak national perspective and identified the main unifying elements that are keeping the European Union Member States together.

The goal of the discussion was to identify specific areas of Slovak national interest and define acceptable or vice versa undesirable approaches that the European Union should employ in order to address current key challenges within three defined policy areas – economy, migration and security. Consequently, the participants tried to define the most advisable balance between national and EU-level authorities from the Slovak perspective. The project is being implemented during the period when Slovakia is taking over the position of honest broker during its first ever Presidency in the Council of the EU which only emphasizes the importance of European agenda related initiatives for our country.

The meeting was chaired by GLOBSEC Policy Institute Research Director Milan Nič and attended by Members of Parliament, political analysts, respectable journalists, NGO leaders and government officials.

New Pact for Europe is a joint effort of 10 EU countries which seeks to shape responses to the most pressing problems and crises that are threatening the European project. This is carried out through several national, trans-national and European level debates of National Reflection Groups of ten participant nations which are established to meet this objective.

The ultimate aim of this new phase of the NPE project is to elaborate the details of a wider ‘package deal’ with solutions generated by connecting the national discussions on the key policy challenges, and propose changes in the way the EU-27 is defined. This ‘package deal’ is to be presented around the German parliamentary elections in September 2017.


The outcome of the session in National Reflection Group format will lead to creation of National report summarized by GLOBSEC Policy Institute.


Project New Pact for Europe is sponsored by King Badouin Foundation.