Kostis Geropoulos, the Energy and Russia Affairs Editor at New Europe interviewed Michael Chertoff, former head of US Homeland Security and David Omand, former Director of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) at the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2016, whether both introduced the GLOBSEC Intelligence Reform Initiative calling for the need to reform transatlantic counter-terrorism to tackle new threats.

“The idea is to build a network of sharing based on trust, recognizing that there are differences in the legal systems, differences in their capability, differences in the ability to protect information. But you don’t have one-size-fits-all,” Chertoff told New Europe.

Furthermore, Michael Chertoff declared the new counter-terrorism structure does not have to be based in one place. “Currently in Europe there are places you might host sharing. For example, they are doing good work in this area with anti-terrorism under the Club de Berne; Europol does an amount of sharing. But like with any network, it’s less about a place and more about a system,” he said.


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The full report of the GLOBSEC Intelligence Reform Initiative with its recommendations is available here.