In its twelve-year existence, GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum has grown into one of the major forums with significant impact on shaping regional, European and wider transatlantic foreign and security agenda. Over the years, however, it has become evident that solutions to global challenges require broader than just political perspective. Thus, the bond between policy and business has proved to be indispensable to complex remedies for unsettling developments in the world.

GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum therefore set out to widen its topical and participation scope in order to become a truly strategic forum offering cutting-edge vision for years to come beyond foreign and security policy. While introducing a new segment of the Forum´s agenda, GLOBSEC Future, we recognise that innovations and technologies are crucial for promoting global stability and prosperity in various areas.

GLOBSEC Future represents a new set of discussions covering trendsetting business and technology topics with the ambition to further strengthen the bond between policy-making and business leaders. Moreover, it offers a platform for business-to-business exchange of ideas and best practices. GLOBSEC Future wishes to address newly-appeared risks and vulnerabilities that states and businesses are faced with due to expanding interconnectedness of the world.

Smart cities, future of transportation, smart energy grids, cyber security of the states´ critical infrastructure, global transition to green economy, internet of things, future of sharing economy as well as future of war technologies are only a few among the topics which will be featured within GLOBSEC Future.

Finally, GLOBSEC Future is aimed at broadening of the traditional GLOBSEC community by involving representatives of new spheres of the public and private sector which were not traditionally present at the Forum. This format is particularly designed for engagement of major captains of industries, technological visionaries and innovation trendsetters from private sphere.