Res Publica together with Google and the Visegrad Fund, and in cooperation with Financial Times and dozens of institutions from Central and Eastern Europe, including Slovak Atlantic Commission are calling for nominations for the New Europe 100 project – a list of outstanding people who are leading world-class innovation from the region.

To nominate a potential #NE100 challenger, go to website or suggest your nominee on Twitter using the #NE100 hashtag.

A new initiative, New Europe 100 will recognise individuals or teams whose work is showing a big positive impact in any given field. Whether through invention, innovative use of technology, expert skills or a drive for social good, this list will recognise both people and their big ideas. The final list will be announced in early October at the Economic Forum for New Ideas in Sopot, Poland.

We are now calling for public nominations of people in the region who should be recognised for their achievements. These public suggestions will help decide who will form the final one hundred.

Whether in entrepreneurship, media and culture, science or society and politics, #NE100 challengers should meet the following criteria:

Courage for innovation: a proven record of challenging the status quo in their respective area and/or their ambition be considered game changing;

Big ideas: their ideas are groundbreaking and address big problems of society; they should bring positive change in the way of doing business and benefit the community;

Impact: their actions should already reach or have great potential to reach a global scale, or significantly change the local circumstances.

“The transformation of Central and Eastern Europe over the last quarter century has been led by outstanding people who have pushed us from political and economic oblivion to democracy and prosperity,” says Wojciech Przybylski, editor-in-chief of Res Publica Nowa, New Europe 100 organizer. “We are now looking for new challengers who will propel the region forward over the next 25 years”.

“We at the Slovak Atlantic Commission are a young and dynamic team and we are lucky to collaborate with a lot of innovative and talented people from Slovakia who have a potential to succeed regionally and globally. This award provides an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and give them global recognition,” said Managing Director of the Slovak Atlantic Commission Milan Solár.

Public nominations will close on Monday, August 25th, 2014.


Katarzyna Szajewska

Project Manager New Europe 100

+48 501 087 006