About GLOBSEC Policy Institute

GLOBSEC Policy Institute is a think tank of the GLOBSEC organisation that is building upon and broadening the previous work done by the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) from 2012 to 2016. The institute is involved in conducting research, generating policy ideas, and stimulating action in four programme areas: Defence & Security; Energy; Future of Europe; and European Neighbourhood. All the programmes have their own long term strategy, research and action-oriented plans, and develop initiatives targeted toward shaping high-level policy, which are presented at our top events such as GLOBSEC Forum, TATRA Summit, and Chateau Bela. The research and action plans are developed in close coordination with our network of top experts and current and former practitioners/decision-makers, including in particular the International Advisory Board of GLOBSEC, and partner organisations. The plans will be incorporated within various project managed by GLOBSEC Policy Institute’s support team.


Energy Programme description

The mission of the programme is to increase energy security and efficiency in Central Europe and support further implementation of energy infrastructure initiatives within the Energy Union framework. The programme will focus on supporting security of energy supply and enhancing energy efficiency in the EU, with an emphasis on the North-South axis.

Professional background requirements:

  • A candidate is required to have at least two years of experience in the area of expertise;

Research/analytical skills:

  • Proficiency in written and spoken communication in English;
  • Proven track record in writing and editing of expert papers;
  • Knowledge of Slovak, Czech, Polish, or Hungarian is an advantage;
  • Proven track record in speaking at international events and commenting for media is an advantage.

Other requirements: residence in or relocation to Bratislava


Job description:


  • Supervision over the work of intern(s) and project team members;
  • Supervision over the planning, implementation, execution, and evaluation of projects; responsibility for all outcomes towards the project committee.



  • Implementation of the research agenda as defined by Head of Programme;
  • Preparation of background materials for Head of Programme;
  • Drafting of project proposals’ narratives in coordination with the Head of Programme;
  • Development and active communication with group of external experts;
  • Writing and editing of expert publications.



  • Identification of fundraising opportunities;
  • Support to Head of Programme in pursuing fundraising opportunities.



  • Representation of the programme at expert events (seminars, conferences);
  • Commenting for media and advocating expert positions;
  • Active contribution to the content of social media.

Application deadline: 1 June 2016

Send us your current CV including a list of your publications and a motivation letter to: [email protected]