In pursuit of a more stable and free international environment, GLOBSEC organises several events, where such foreign policy choices are created. Château Béla 2016 Central European Strategic Forum held on 2 – 4 December in southern Slovakia contributes to this goal by bringing effective solutions to current challenges stimulated in open talks among a limited number of high-profile politicians and experts. The added value of the 8th Château Béla Forum is its closed nature applying the Chatham House Rule, which stimulates the guests to be open and constructive in their contributions. The following intimate and informal atmosphere, therefore, encourages the participants to produce more ideas.  At the conference, several remarkable personalities such as Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in Slovakia and Michael Chertoff, Former US Secretary of Homeland Security will discuss the challenges common to the transatlantic space, namely threatened democracy, NATO’s security beyond 2016, counter-terrorism, EU reform and expectations put on the new US president. The efficiency of the forum will be enhanced by the fact, that along with the discussions, the GLOBSEC initiatives addressing these issues will be presented. Thus, in the family environment of the historical Château Béla, the team of European and US experts will jointly contribute to solution-oriented policy-making in Central Europe and beyond. The event will take place thanks to the support of Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Visegrad Fund, NATO Public Diplomacy Division and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.