GLOBSEC Policy Institute (formerly Slovak Atlantic Commission/Central European Policy Institute) in cooperation with the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Studies – Serbia will organise a workshop entitled “Partnership for Serbia: Serbia, NATO and Strategic Communication” which is a part of the project “Visegrad for the South-East Europe: Towards Successful Integration”. The event is organised under the auspices of the Slovak Embassy in Serbia which is currently the NATO Contact Point Embassy in Serbia. The project, supported by the International Visegrad Fund will take place on 7 June 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The expert workshop will be attended primarily by Serbian journalists dealing with foreign affairs and security issues, representatives of numerous ministries and state administration, local government bodies as well as NGO representatives. The workshop will consist of three panels discussing various topics related to NATO, PfP (Partnership for Peace), IPAP (Individual Partnership Action Plan), strategic communication and anti-NATO propaganda. More specifically, the workshop’s crucial goal is to share the experience and know-how of Visegrad experts in the area of strategic communication and countering propaganda, and compare them with those of Serbian experts and journalists.

The workshop will be attended by the following speakers from the Visegrad countries: Andrej Matišák, Deputy Head of Foreign Desk at the Pravda daily in Bratislava; Jakub Janda, Deputy Director for Public and Political Affairs of European Values Think-tank in Prague, Péter Kréko, Director of Political Capital Institute, a think-tank based in Budapest and Ján Cingel, Research Fellow of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute in Bratislava. Stay tuned for more information.