Recently the GLOBSEC Policy Institute organized an informal discussion on the topic of gender inequality in Europe. Recent reports reveal that although Europe is moving towards gender equality in everyday life, career, pay, social interactions, education, among others—the track is filled with hurdles and the pace is slow. While more women complete higher education, less end up breaking the existing “glass ceilings” and cultural prejudices.

Striving towards gender equality is important for Europe. First, the issue goes to the core of the EU values—equality, respect, inclusion, responsibility, and unity. Second, the economy works with missed opportunities as the potential of women is not fully used. Third, while some cultures struggle with an equal role for women, equity should be a basic building block for the European societies.

Read more on gender inequality from our research fellow Vladislava Gubalova in her blog At a Snail’s Pace: How Gender Equality is Being Achieved in the EU.