Despite a period of economic and political uncertainty characterising the EU of the recent years, the developments in Europe seem to promise greater stability and prosperity in the days to come. Yet, the turbulent times are far from over.  In spite of indisputable benefits of globalisation and technological advancement, the growing social inequalities in the EU remain at worrying levels, economic growth and investment activity must come closer to their full potential and the competitive edge of European companies needs to be strengthened to withstand the challenges of the globalised world. And all while EU deciding on its future shape.

GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2017, a premier Central and Eastern European forum, will thus seek to take a closer look at these questions, contemplating on possibilities and opportunities towards ensuring EU´s unity, regaining its former economic, social and political leadership as well as outlining viable alternatives for EU´s future path. By bringing together representatives of governments, EU institutions, non-governmental, academia and private sector, the most pressing European political and economic issues will be addressed jointly, seeking to create a real policy impact.

What is more, to show tangible results and outline concrete steps forward, this year’s conference will dig deeper and extend beyond its traditional formats. By introducing tailor-made focus groups, specific policy issues will be discussed in even greater detail, focusing on problems hindering businesses in reaching their full potential.  Thus, questions of an energy market in the EU, digitization or fostering an entrepreneurial Europe will come to the fore, creating a platform for generating ideas helping to promote the competitiveness of European companies, remove lingering investment barriers and, ultimately, contribute to facilitating the economic growth in the EU.