On Wednesday, March 1st, the GLOBSEC Policy Institute’s (GPI) Defence and Security Programme experts hosted more than a dozen of international security experts from 4 counties for a series of policy discussions within the framework of the V4+ Security: Strengthening the Eastern Frontier of the V4 project.

The keynote speech of the expert roundtable was delivered by Róbert Ondrejcsákthe State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic – who devoted his speech to the reiteration of the continuous need to deepen the cooperation of V4 countries with its Eastern neighbours and reiterated Slovakia´s ambitions to remain an active contributor to the security and stability of its Eastern neighbour. State Secretary Ondrejcsák, welcomed the ambition of the Project and accentuated the indispensable role of the expert-community cooperation plays in the process of the extension of the sphere of stability further eastwards from Central Europe.

The overall scope of this project has been built on a series of four consecutive policy workshops – organized in Prague, Kiev, Bratislava and in Budapest – focusing on the best-practise and know-how exchange with the following strategic objectives:

▪ mapping out the possible fields and formats of defence and security cooperation;

▪ exploring the capabilities and needs for the joint exercises and trainings;

▪ exploring the ways for potential intelligence cooperation, anti-propaganda measures;

▪ articulating the necessity of an active cyber-security build-up and defence modernization.

Within the mentioned framework, the Bratislava roundtable of the V4+ Security project, was centred predominantly around the policy areas of the intelligence cooperation among V4 partners, cybersecurity and cooperation within the field of (defence) education. Participants of the roundtable discusses how the shared V4 know-how emanating from the mentioned fields could theoretically and practically be extended beyond the V4 region itself – concentrating predominantly on the security challenges of Ukraine and Moldova. The experts discussed the possible ways towards a more efficient utilization of open-source intelligence cooperation – in order to further enhance the knowledge and expertise of the academia and the regional think-tankers. Moreover, as cybersecurity measures shall predominantly be about raising public awareness about the nature (and the imminence) of the threat – the experts have sought to identify the contemporary nature of the threats, and propose solution to tackle these vulnerabilities within the general cyber domain.

The strategic aim of the roundtable is to the help V4 external partners to address their own security challenges and enhance their anchor to our region via efficient and lasting regional cooperation. The final event of the project will take place at the second Budapest Security Conference in April 2017. The project is coordinated by Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) and its project partners (besides the GPI) are the EUROPEUM – Institute for European PolicyCasimir Pulaski Foundation, the Foreign Policy Association of Moldova and the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism.