Experts from the Visegrad countries met to discuss the new European strategy on cyber security and outstanding tasks in its implementation at the national levels. The meeting, organised in the framework of CEPI’s CSV4 (Cyber Security in the V4) project, took place on 27 June 2013 in Bratislava.

The purpose of the meeting was to proceed in preparations of the policy brief which they plan to present in the fall of 2013, and to explore possibilities of spreading its main messages to decision-makers and the public across the region. They also agreed on a common goal of shaping the European cyber policies through their respective national authorities.

The expert group, composed of Jozef Vyskoč (senior fellow at CEPI, Slovakia), Zsolt Illési (College of Dunaújváros, Hungary), Tomáš Rezek (Association for International Affairs, Czech Republic) and Joanna Świątkowska (Kosciuszko Institute, Poland) was put together thanks to the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund.