Dear friends,
If there is anything I really miss in the current extremely dynamic and turbulent times, it is the space to stop, to take a deep breath, to reflect on events and evaluate them. We do not have such luxury, however. Time flies as never before, not in hours anymore, but in seconds and fractions thereof; immediate decisions have replaced strategic thinking, planning, projections of future developments. The course of events has suppressed our ability to foresee problematic spots, crisis points, conflicts. We acutely miss time to produce a plan B, much less alternative C or D. The challenges of time constraint produce short-term tactical solutions instead of strategic long-term policies.
Security conferences such as GLOBSEC are rare occasions where we can try to rectify such errors.
We live an era ripe with conflicts. East, West, South. People are dying in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Nigeria but also – by the hand of terrorists – in the European capitals. The more conflicts flare on our watch, the more we feel the need to find proper answers. Especially because until now there were certain rules of the game, understood and respected by most players; today as if nothing counts anymore, on a daily basis we witness the breaching of the most essential of norms.
Security conferences such as GLOBSEC represent a unique opportunity to attempt to define these standards anew.
Peace is not just the absence of conflict – it is the ability to solve conflicts by peaceful means. It is our task to make sure the way of the word prevails over the way of the force. Diplomacy is the tool to prevent conflicts. Where we fail in this respect, the weapons and despair follow.
That is why security conferences such as GLOBSEC are important. To give maximum space to the voice of reason, to ideas, solutions, pragmatism.
I am sure GLOBSEC 2017 will generate such ideas and solutions aplenty.