Now comprising over 100 employees and structural advisors, EUTOP has been acting as a structural process partner since 1990, supporting the work of private companies, associations and organisations at the institutions of the European Union and selected EU member states.

EUTOP is a special service provider for its clients and bundles various competences EU-wide. EUTOP provides the process structure-, perspective change – and process support competences which are now, additionally to the client’s content competence, essential for successful lobbying. EUTOP has been investing in building up these specialities since 1990.

From the very beginning, compliance and integrity have been the essential founding pillars of our approach to sustainable company management. That is why many corporations, associations and organisations from both EU member states and many political and business centres worldwide trust in the quality of the services we provide. They particularly value the enduring, long-term and structural nature of their cooperation with EUTOP. Among others, long-standing clients of ours include numerous EURO STOXX, DAX and MDAX corporations as well as European subsidiaries of companies listed in the Dow Jones index.