LYNX – spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným Košice is among longest present Slovak IT companies. It has operated on IT market since 1991. Through these years it has stabilized its product portfolio, solidified its market position and profiled itself as enterprise providing top-class services for its clients in area of Cyber Security, but also information systems design, development and maintenance, networking, organization complex security and special application development.

Mission of our company is to provide our customers with high added value services in area of information systems security, ICT infrastructure building, technological applications and complex security in accordance to legislation of Slovak Republic, European Union and also international standards and best practices. LYNX promotes ethical conduct principles in our business. It follows principles of openness, objectivity, responsibility and transparency in all of its affairs.

Among the most prominent values LYNX incorporates in its conduct with environment are reverence for customers and correctitude towards its business partners. Company deems ethics essential part in its enterprise affairs and follows belief that business success stems from quality of services, ethics of employees and fair price for services rendered.

The essential pillars of our enterprise are: professionalism, trust and talent. The professional approach is a characteristic trait, and regarding not only customers, but also between colleagues. By trust we mean the collection of personal and moral traits expected of each LYNX employee. Furthermore, talent symbolizes our competency to deliver sophisticated solutions solving our customers´ problems.