Theta Energy Group – TEG is a green technology and renewable energy development company that is leading the way toward a global zero – carbon and zero-waste economy. The Company accomplishes this by developing global renewable energy projects that advance proven carbon and energy efficient technologies delivering environmental benefits in an economically sustainable manner.

 TEG is world leading partner for waste-to-green-energy solutions and renewable energy supply. TEG operates under a partnership created between various Governmental and Private industry entities, thus allowing urban governmental agencies to increment their longevity within the community. By utilizing waster as means to generate power and revenue, this process ride their community’s of any contaminants. In partnership with our strategic national partners, governments, local municipalities and the capital markets across the globe, TEG participates in the rapidly growing Waste-to-Green-Energy (WTGE) industry. TEG identifies critical environmental waste management problems (most problematic waste streams in regions and toxic hotspots), identifies and helps funding the most advanced environmentally responsible solutions to these problems and actively manages the operations, engineering and technological processes to achieve sustainability objectives and changing outdated technologies into highly efficient and more environmentally sustainable solutions beyond limits set on COP 21 for period of 2020 – 2030.