Jana Štefániková (ex. Ondrášková) is Chief Finance Officer of Strategy Council. She started to work for the Slovak Atlantic Commission („SAC“) during her university studies in 2007. She was mainly reponsible for the event management of major projects including Bratislava Global Security Forum GLOBSEC (2009-2013) and for the finance management of all projects and activities.  Later, she has developed and launched finance department of the Slovak Atlantic Commission and has become finance director of all new programs and organisations (Central European Policy Institute and Center for European Affairs). After the organizational reform in 2013 she became CFO and member of Top management of the Strategy Council, the umbrella organisation of SAC, CEA and CEPI. She also took over the responsibility for development of HR department and Legal issues. As CFO Jana manages and oversees SC´s financial processes and accounting, prepares financial strategy and plans, monitors cash-flow, conducts reviews and financial evaluations of projects, manages budgets, and participates in creation and following of vision and strategy of the organization. Jana studied International Relations at University of Economics in Bratislava and attended study visit in University of Jean Moulin in Lyon, France.