Soňa Muzikářová is Chief Economist at GLOBSEC Policy Institute. 

Soňa is a former economist at the European Central Bank, the OECD, and the Slovak Finance Ministry. Her research has focused on the leading indicators for the euro area business cycle, real economic convergence, and selected themes in monetary policy. She also served in the Slovak diplomatic services, while advising on the 2019 Presidency of Slovakia to the OECD in Paris, themed Harnessing Digital Transition for Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges. Soňa earned her BA degree in Economics at Macalester College, MN, USA in 2009, and her Master’s degree in institutional economics at the University of Kent at Brussels in 2011.

Selected media publications: 

“Weaning Europe off COVID bailouts will be a tricky balancing act” (co-author), Euronews, 14 April 2021

“Countries with a culture of innovation are vaccinating more quickly”, COVID-19 Blog, London School of Economics & Political Science, 1 April 2021,

“How Central and Eastern Europe can overhaul its dated growth narrative” (co-author), COVID-19 Blog, London School of Economics & Political Science COVID-19, 22 January 2021,

“The coronavirus crisis highlights the need to diversify risk sharing in Europe”, New Atlanticist, Atlantic Council, May 7 2020,

Selected research/journal publications: 

Muzikarova, Do Euro Area Expansions Die of Old Age?, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, 2018,〉.

J.L. Diaz del Hoyo, E. Dorrucci, F.F. Heinz, S. Muzikarova, Real Convergence in the Euro Area: A Long-Term PerspectiveECB Occasional Paper 203, 2017, ISBN: 978-92-899-2865-6, 〈〉.

G.J. de Bondt, H.C. Dieden, S. Muzikarova, I. Vincze, Modelling industrial new orders, Economic Modelling 41 (2014) 46 54 〈

Key initiatives & platforms

  • Strategic Transformation of the Central-Eastern European (CEE) region
  • COVID-19 Recovery: Recovery & Resilience Plan (RRP) Strategic Dialogue
  • GLOBSEC Tatra Summit stream & forum