29 November, 2013 – 14:00 to 1 December, 2013 – 14:00

Traditionally, the Château Béla 2013 Central European Strategic Forum will provide a regional perspective on a number of issues set on the front burner of the political, security and economic agenda in Europe and North America. The debates will cover the economic and geopolitical impact of the Transatlantic

Trade and Investment Partnership. Significant attention will also be allocated to the upcoming NATO summit and to European defence issues. The Forum aims to contribute to the discussion on leadership in Europe. Participants will be encouraged to analyse existing and prospective solutions to the crisis in the European Union – be it the economic and fiscal crisis, the crisis of European identity, legitimacy or the rising anti-Brussels political rhetoric. In addition, the priorities of Visegrad cooperation will be an integral part of the agenda of this year’s Strategic Forum.


The Château Béla 2013 Central European Strategic Forum is a three-day closed event that gathers around four dozen high-profile political figures and experts from the Visegrad countries, wider Central European region and the United States to reflect on those issues of foreign, economic and security policy that currently influence developments in the region. To encourage an open and lively debate, only a small number of participants is invited to participate. The setting is kept intimate and informal and the Chatham House Rule applies for the whole duration of the conference. The Forum connects policy-makers with representatives of the non-governmental sector, who have the capacity to contribute to policy-shaping in Central Europe. The working language of the Forum is English.


The Strategic Forum is traditionally organised outside the bustle of Bratislava in the calm of the historical Château Béla, which significantly contributes to the creation of an intimate and informal atmosphere. The Château is situated in southern Slovakia, close to the Slovak-Hungarian border formed by the Danube river, 10 km from the Slovak city of Štúrovo, which is only a bridge away from the Hungarian city of Esztergom. The Hotel also includes facilities for relaxation, including a spa and a sauna. Château Béla is a member of the Historical Hotels of Europe group, which guarantees extraordinary standards. The Orangery Ballroom, Gobelin Saloon, Béla Hall and Baroque gardens offer an opportunity to relax and debate in a small circle of old and new friends. The informal atmosphere and exceptionally pleasant family environment has been the key to the success of the Forum over the past four years.


Apart from interesting debate sessions, you will also have the opportunity to experience the gourmet restaurant Baldacci which is widely known for its excellent regional cuisine. This experience is accentuated by the world-class wines from the Château Béla cellar. The Vinoteca is the pearl of the whole complex and the Château Béla Riesling, cultivated by the leading winemaker Mr Egon Müller, ranks among the world’s 100 finest wines. The wine-tasting is introduced by Mr Miroslav Petrech, a renowned Slovak vintner.