18 April, 2013 – 13:00 to 20 April, 2013 – 13:30

Founded eight years ago, the GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum has become a unique foreign policy and security platform – giving a Central European twist to the strategic debate on transatlantic foreign policy, economy and security. With the participation of over 500 key stakeholders from more than 40 countries, GLOBSEC has acquired a stable position among the club of major conferences in Europe and North America.

GLOBSEC 2013 Focus and Guests |The upcoming Forum will focus on issues central to transatlantic and regional cooperation. In 2013, speakers will discuss European economic prospects and the future of global economic governance. Panellists will also engage in debates over the character of Central European defence cooperation and Central Europe’s energy concerns. Other burning issues to be tackled at GLOBSEC 2013 include NATO’s post-ISAF role, new threats to cyber security, China’s role in the global financial crisis and challenges on Europe’s South-East doorstep.

GLOBSEC 2013 will again assemble a wide array of political and diplomatic elites, key security and foreign policy stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic, the most influential experts from leading European, American and Middle Eastern think-tanks, academia, and business leaders – all under the watchful eye of international media. GLOBSEC 2013 will man its panels with ministers in charge of defence, foreign affairs and economic agendas from Washington D.C to Beijing, key representatives of international organisations as well as independent experts always ready to challenge traditional lines of thought.