14 May, 2014 – 08:00 to 16 May, 2014 – 00:00

GLOBSEC 2014 Bratislava Global Security Forum

THE LEADING ANNUAL FORUM IN CENTRAL EUROPE | For almost a decade, GLOBSEC has been giving a Central European twist to the strategic debate on transatlantic foreign policy and security. With the participation of over 800 stakeholders from more than 60 countries, GLOBSEC is today one of the most visible and vibrant foreign policy and security platforms in Europe and North America, often compared to prestigious forums held in Brussels or Munich. Over the years, GLOBSEC’s guest list has included: Zbigniew BrzezinskiToomas Hendrik IlvesAnders Fogh RasmussenRadosław SikorskiKarin EnströmAhmed RashidFranco Frattini & others. In 2014, GLOBSEC will be held under the auspices of and in cooperation with the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group.


1. COMMEMORATING NATO & EU ACCESSION | In 2014, a number of Central and Eastern European countries will celebrate the 10th and 15th anniversary of their NATO and EU accession. At GLOBSEC, these historical milestones will be commemorated at a number of public and expert events, including the GLOBSEC Gala Dinner, with the political elite of the celebrating countries.

2. RUN-UP TO THE SUMMIT | Held only several months prior to the 2014 NATO Summit, GLOBSEC 2014 will be the ideal theatre for informal pre-Summit debates and consultations among present political figures on issues dominating the Summit’s agenda.

3. EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS | A week before Europeans cast their votes, GLOBSEC will become the last high-profile theatre to examine the future of the EU, its institutions and the character of political parties auditioning for the Brussels agora.

4. POLITICAL ELITE AT GLOBSEC | The organisers are planning to provide a platform for:

  • Visegrad’s prime ministers to discuss Central Europe’s competitiveness. In addition, GLOBSEC 2014 will be an excellent opportunity for launching a broader Visegrad prime ministerial initiative, led by prime ministers of Slovakia and Hungary.
  • the region’s heads of diplomacy will be joined by their partners from countries also celebrating their NATO and EU accession;
  • and Central Europe’s chiefs of defence who will discuss possibilities of moving forward on the V4 defence cooperation trajectory – all in the context of the EU’s 2013 CSDP Summit and the upcoming NATO Summit.

5. CENTRAL EUROPEAN SECURITY WEEK 2014 | The upcoming GLOBSEC Forum will join forces with another major security event in
Slovakia – the International Defence Exhibition Bratislava (IDEB), held in Incheba Expo. By holding the two events in one week, the organisers aim to intertwine the exhibition’s technical take on security with top-notch policy discourse at the GLOBSEC Forum. To this end, several accompanying events will be held under a joint GLOBSEC-IDEB brand “Central European Security Week” from Tuesday to Friday (13–16 May 2014), including meetings of defence associations and defence industry representatives from the V4.


In 2014, GLOBSEC will focus on a number of issues pivotal to the region, the European Union and the transatlantic community:

  • Power shifts in the 21st century;
  • NATO, the west, and future military engagements;
  • The rise and fall of political Islam;
  • Afghanistan Check-List: The day after tomorrow;
  • Ten years following the European big bang: regaining Central Europe’s competitiveness;
  • Populism, apathy and anti-Brussels tendencies: remodelling the EU;
  • Security and privacy in the digital age – have we gone too far?;
  • Cyber security: real threat or threatening reality?;
  • EaP Reality Check: competition of ideologies vs. reality of economic benefits;
  • The Balkan countries’ race for EU membership

GLOBSEC 2014 will also take a look at European jihadists, Putin’s increasing international ambitions, the impact of German elections, the ice-breaking phase in US-Iranian relations, prospects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the impact of the turmoil in North Africa on the immigration debate in Europe, as well as on how to prevent and treat psychological impacts of combat on NATO’s soldiers.


THE THREE-DAY FORUM will consist of several main sessions, night owl sessions and focused break-out dinner sessions – creating platforms for formal as well as informal debates on front-page topics that shape developments in the region and beyond. The program also includes closed policy sessions, receptions and other formats conducive to policy-creation and networking.

GLOBSEC GALA DINNER | GLOBSEC 2014 will again host a Gala Dinner, this time focusing on celebrations of the 10th and 15th anniversaries of the accession of Central European states to NATO and the EU. Traditionally, the event will feature the Czech and Slovak Transatlantic Awards, a joint initiative of the Slovak Atlantic Commission and the Jagello 2000 Association. The Awards annually recognise personalities who have substantially contributed to strengthening transatlantic ties and overall stability of the Euro-Atlantic area, while emphasising the awardees’ ties to Central Europe, especially to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

SIDE EVENTS | GLOBSEC 2014 will also host a series of meetings held on the side-lines of the conference. These will bring together heads of state and government, foreign and defence ministers and influential policy-makers in order to generate new ideas, partnerships and solutions to issues of central concern to the GLOBSEC community. The formats will include:
• Intergovernmental meetings • expert working groups • policy sessions • tête-à-têtes •

BUSINESS AT GLOBSEC | Companies are key partners in finding answers to pressing political, security and economic challenges and thus GLOBSEC has always been committed to engaging business leaders from various sectors into its community. Based on the success of the Energy Forum held on the side-lines of GLOBSEC 2013, the organisers will continue to hold business-oriented events and meetings, in order to extend the Forum’s business angle in terms of scope as well as quality.

YOUNG LEADERS AT GLOBSEC | As the Slovak Atlantic Commission has been actively supporting a generation of youth leaders, it has become customary to engage this community into the Forum’s debates. GLOBSEC 2014 being no exception, these young experts and leaders will be engaged in not only the Forum’s official program, but also in a series of tailor-made debates, workshops and networking activities designed to contribute to their professional development.

IDEB | The biennial defence exhibition will bring together top representatives of the Central European defence industry, defence associations and representatives of the four government’s defence branches.

ORGANISER | Slovak Atlantic Commission

HONORARY CHAIRMANSHIP | Each year influential public figures assume honorary chairmanship of the GLOBSEC Forum and give the organisers political support and valuable advice. For the 2014 conference, the chairmanship has been assumed by H. E. Miroslav Lajčák, deputy prime minister and minister of foreign and European affairs of the Slovak Republic, and his Hungarian counterpart, H. E. János Martonyi, minister of foreign affairs of Hungary.

STRATEGIC PARTNERS | Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak RepublicMinistry of Foreign Affairs of HungaryInternational Visegrad FundKonrad Adenauer StiftungCentre for European Studies.

KEY PARTNERS | NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak RepublicU.S. Embassy in SlovakiaRepresentation of the European Commission in Slovakia and other.

More info on www.globsec.org