13 May, 2014 – 11:45 to 16 May, 2014 – 11:45


Following up on the highly-successful Bratislava Young Atlanticist Summit 2012 (BYAS) and the GLOBSEC Young Leaders’ Forum 2013 (GYLF), the upcoming GLOBSEC 2014 conference will again be accompanied by the GLOBSEC Young Leaders’ Forum. The primary mission of the GLOBSEC Young Leaders’ Forum 2014, to be held on 13 – 16 May 2014, is to engage young professionals and promising leaders into a lasting debate on key transatlantic and security challenges and engage them in expert policy discussions with professionals. This high-profile event annually brings together 30 young delegates from both sides of the Atlantic and NATO partner countries in order to foster dialogue, build lasting relations and encourage future collaboration. Furthermore, this year the GYLF will introduce several new features, side events and special formats outlined below, which are designed to increase the overall success of the project.



The main aim of the Forum is to connect seasoned diplomats, professionals and experts with prospective young leaders, who are looking to become future decision-makers. We will do so on a number of levels. Apart from directly linking participants of the GYLF with prominent GLOBSEC Forum guests, we will also give young leaders the possibility to formulate questions related to topics of the main panels. These will be passed on to chairs of the respective debate and, based on the chair’s individual consideration, asked during the panel discussion. Later on, when meeting some of the main panel discussants, GYLF participants will be given feedback on the questions they had asked and comments they made.


During GLOBSEC 2014, in cooperation with the Afghan Deputy Ministry for Youth Affairs and Kabul University, a public book collection for students in Kabul will take place. We will encourage all GLOBSEC participants to bring an English-language book to the Forum and donate it towards this cause. We believe that this activity will not only help Afghan children gain access to publications available in Europe and the US, but it will also strengthen ties between Central Europe and Afghanistan.


The Forum will create space for the active participation of attending young professionals at some of the main sessions of the GLOBSEC program. This will allow for the exchange of ideas, expertise and experience between the present young professionals and those of the senior experts and policy practitioners. Delegates will also join the main Forum during the last day by participating in the conference’s main sessions; at a unique Twinning Lunch as well as at GLOBSEC topical breakfasts thematically prepared by GYLF participants.


For more information and application please visit the GLOBSEC webpage.