Major changes in a security environment create the need to review existing security strategies at the national and the EU level. New documents should be based on a detailed evaluation of the global and European security environment, internal and external threats, as well as interests of the Slovak Republic. It is crucial that the starting points and the tools of these basic security documents will be compatible and the Slovak position consistent.

This project will advance the preparation of the Security Strategy of the Slovak Republic and its national positions on the European Security Strategy by providing the analysis containing the list of concrete recommendations which will serve as the inspiration and argumentative basis for the decision-makers.

Project objective is to foster a qualified debate building on the knowledge and views of the expert community and the political spectre. Such discussion is an essential precondition for the creation of a wider consensus on basic characteristics of the security environment, objectives and forms of the security policy.

Thus, the project will ultimately help not only form the security position reflecting national interests of the Slovak Republic, but it will also contribute to its positive acceptance by experts and representatives of the political parties and will enable its effective communication to public.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic






Milan Šuplata




  Marian Majer         Jaroslav Naď