Project Description: 

After two decades of ethnic conflict, the Western Balkan region still remains fragile. The pace of the reform process is progressing slower than expected and the unpredictability of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and its consequences might become a strong destabilizing factor for the reconciliation and further democratisation of the region.

The project aims at supporting the democratisation and reconciliation process in the region by engaging and raising the capacities of young professionals and journalists from the six Western Balkan countries, enhancing the trust and peace-building efforts in societies.

While reconciliation is crucial for stabilisation and sustainable development in the region, it is also one of the key issues which needs to be solved before further EU enlargement.

GLOBSEC together with its project partners identified two groups of stakeholders who play an important role in promoting democracy, multiplying reconciliation efforts and overcoming the divisive narratives in their respective communities, countries and the region as a whole: young professionals (leaders of CSOs, representatives of political parties), journalists and bloggers.

Through the project activities, GLOBSEC together with its partners in the V4 and the Western Balkans will identify the young leaders of the local communities in all Western Balkan countries, train them in various skills in democracy promotion, media literacy, negotiation and conflict resolution, reconciliation and policy-making, and then subsequently develop a network of Ambassadors for reconciliation who will continue to promote ideas of regional cooperation.

Project partners: