The Slovak Atlantic Commission, with the support of the Central European Policy Institute, has published an analytical paper entitled „Montenegro`s way to the door of NATO”, which is the final outcome of the one year project conducted by SAC in Montenegro. The project, executed with the financial support of SlovakAid is aimed towards contributing to Montenegro’s process of integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures.

Peter Bator, the author of the paper, argues that Montenegro, has, in its NATO accession process shown its maturity, willingness to work hard and resolve to adopt risky but value-based decisions when it was least politically comfortable. In the following months, NATO will closely watch all developments in the country – be they positive or negative. Podgorica mustn’t slow down the pace and can’t afford any last moment blunders. In doing so, the Allies should think strategically to extend the stability in the strategically important Western Balkans in times when instability is creeping around. Inviting Montenegro to join NATO by the end of 2015 helps achieve this.