Irena Brežná is Swiss-Slovak writer, war journalist and publicist. She spent her childhood in Trenčín a graduated in Bratislava. In 1968, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia she emigrated to Switzerland with her parents. In wrote in Slovak Radio Free Europe and BBC, in German publish in German and Swiss press as Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Die Zeit, WDR radio and many more. She published 8 books in German, some of which were translated into several languages. She was awarded for journalism and literature in Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia- for the portray of Chechen woman she won Theodor-Wolff-Prize in Berlin in 2001. For her latest novel Unthankful Foreigner she received the Literary Prize of Swiss Confederation as well as literary Dominik Tatarka prize in 2015. Latest publishwed work of Ms Brežná is her anthology She-wolves from Sernovodsk, Reports from Russia-Chechen war that offers the chronology of Russian colonialism in the region of Northern Caucasus in the last 20 years.