Julio is an international public speaker and an e-governance consultant specialised in political decentralised technologies and non-state (non-governmental) electronic solutions for complex global problems. From 2015, he has lectured, lobbied, and/or competed in United Nations, Google, European Union, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, WeWork Headquarters, and +40 universities and institutions worldwide on Blockchain projects and systems. He has been interviewed by BBC, CNN, Fox News and is recognized as the “Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech” (Cointelegraph 2016).

Julio has become Global Ambassador for Aeternity – $1.3 Billion USD market cap – ” The BMW of all Blockchains”, CEO & Founder of Jada Consulting – “Taming Disruptive Technologies” consultancy in London, CEO & Founder of Humanitarian Blockchain – world’s most successful Blockchain NGO in 2016, currently stalled and also worked as US & UK Foreign Correspondent for Excelsior; 2nd largest media corporation in Latin America.

He previously studied in Sciences Po Paris, Itesm, and University of Cambridge. Speaks fluent Spanish and French. Raised in a very multicultural environment, he lived at least two years in Chicago, Paris, Mexico City, London, and briefly in Canada, Houston, and Guadalajara.