Nasser Judeh is a Jordanian politician who served as Jordan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2009 and 2017. He was also the Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan.

Born in Amman in 1961, Judeh received his elementary and secondary education in Jordan and the UK and obtained a BSc degree in foreign service at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He started his career serving in a press office at the Royal Hashemite Court during the reign of late King Hussein from 1985 to 1992 and as a Special Secretary to the Crown Prince, HRH Prince Hassan. Afterwards, he moved to London to establish and manage the Jordanian Information Bureau there. In 1994 he returned home and was subsequently appointed Director of the Jordanian Television – holding the position until 1998, when he was appointed Director General of the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation.

He took positions as Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications and official spokesman for the government in 1998. After the resignation of the government in 1999 he worked in the private sector. Since 2005 he acted again as a government spokesperson and in 2007 he reprised his previous ministerial position, holding it until his appointment as a Foreign Minister in 2009. He held this position since then, serving in several cabinets.