Prof. Peter Terem, PhD. is Professor of International Relations and the Head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Matej Bel University (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia). His background combines academic research and project management with over 22 years of professional experience in scholarly research, teaching, research supervision and team-leading. He served as a vice-dean for science and research between 2005 and 2016. Teaches mainly Political Geography, Territorial Studies, Political Geography of Slovakia, Geopolitics of Central Europe, U.S. Foreign Policy and supervises PhD students. His research work is focused on the problems of proliferation of nuclear weapons, foreign policy of Slovak Republic, the role of great powers and regional powers in world politics. Completed research stays at the universities in Reims (University Champagne-Ardenne), Boston (Boston College), and other research institutions in Central Europe. Author or co-author of several monographs, publications and textbooks in the fields of political geography, geopolitics and transformation processes in Central Europe, foreign policy of the Slovak Republic, nuclear proliferation. In addition to his work at the University, he serves in advisory role to the GLOBSEC Academy Centre. In 2007-2009 became national coordinator of National Convention of the future of the EU – project of the Office of the Government of Slovak Republic and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovak Republic. In the period of 2011-2012 was member of expert´s board for the Strategic evaluation of Defense of Slovak Republic at the Ministry of Defense of Slovak Republic. He is recipient of few honors and awards, including the 2008 – Outstanding Pedagogue Award – awarded by the SPP Foundation, Slovakia, a Fulbright Research Fellowship in 2015 – Boston College, MA. He is active in contributing to international relations journals as well as political commentator for RTVS.