Ralf Ketzel, born in July 1959 in Berlin (West).

He lived there until he joined the Bundeswehr as artillery man for 12 years in 1978. During his army carrier he studied mechanical engineering at the university of the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces) in Hamburg and gratuated from University as Dipl.-Ing. Of mechanical engineering.

In 1990 he finished his military time as captain and artillery battery commander and joined Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann. Since this time he works for the Leopard 2 programs.

Starting as project engineer for the trilateral upgrade program Leopard 2 KWSI, taking over the responsibility within the Sweden Project as System Engineering Manager. Followed by his position as Project leader of the quadro national program mine protection Leopard 2 and as Program Manager for the Project Greece. During this period he took over the responsibility of the division „Combat Systems Muenchen“, which is responsible for all Leopard 2, Geopard and bridge laying programs of KMW and also for the program Qatar, which covered the delivery of key ready Artillery and tank Battalion.