Yves Bertoncini was the Director of the Jacques Delors Institute from April 2011 to September 2017.

He is currently the President of the Mouvement Européen – France since December 2016.

He was an Administrator at the European Commission, where he has worked at the “Education, Training, Youth” and “Regional Policy” Directorates-General. Previously, he also worked in the office of the French Prime Minister with responsibility for research on Europe at the Centre d’Analyse Stratégique (2006-09), and as an adviser to the Secretary-General of European Affairs (2010-2011).

He worked for the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on the organisation of the “National Dialogue for Europe” (1995-1997), and at the French embassy in Algiers (1992-93). He was also the Head of international affairs at the French Insurance Association (2002-05).

He is also an experienced educator on European issues, with past and current teaching positions at the Corps des Mines (Mines ParisTech, since 2007), the College of Europe in Bruges (since 2016), the Paris Institute of Political Studies (2001-11) and the École Nationale d’Administration (2007-09). He is the author of numerous books, articles and policy papers on European issues. Mr. Bertoncini holds degrees from Sciences Po Grenoble and the College of Europe in Bruges. He also studied at the IEP Paris and at the University of California -Berkeley.

He was born on the 30th March 1970 in Chambéry (Savoie, France) and is married with three children.