COVID-19 in CEE – GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum New Concept & Dates


Every week, since the global pandemic hit the world, GLOBSEC experts have been covering the CEE region's response to the virus and its impact on business, economics, finance, tech, and policymaking.
In a number of webinars under the label #GLOBSECgoesDIGITAL, current stories of gloom and doom have been juxtaposed with more optimistic prospects of how to rebuild our world from the ashes once this pandemic is over. We have heard a host of sound ideas and valuable debates, including stakeholders from different sectors who have voiced their opinions on important subjects that will matter in our lives going forward.

This week we're again going to treat you to a number of webinars tackling various topics amid COVID-19, including New priorities for European policy, how we can deliver a green boost to our economy, how to fight hoaxes, false stories, and whether flexible Europe could work, during which we'll present the GLOBSEC DIFF GOV Report ‘Making Flexible Europe Work: European Governance and the Potential of Differentiated Cooperation’

The last few weeks have thought us that there may be a silver lining in all the commotion. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this year our flagship event, GLOBSEC 2020 Bratislava Forum, will be more dynamic and flexible than ever in engaging the international community is debating the most pressing issues in the light of COVID-19.

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Slovakia post COVID-19 recovery: How to deliver a green boost to the economy

26 May 2020 | 10am - 11:30 am CEST

As the health crisis subsides and CEE governments begin to unwind lockdowns, full attention turns to reviving battered national economies. While maintaining employment levels in struggling companies and industries remains the top priority, green recovery measures with high economic upside should be identified and promoted.

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Central European response to #COVID-19 crisis and new priorities for European policy
27 May 2020 | 10.30 AM - 11.30 AM CET
via ZOOM

Central European (CE) reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic were quick and assertive. Early lockdown measures and social distancing have proved to be effective. What are the other factors that may have influenced the success that CE countries have had in the first phase? What are the next steps to be taken?
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COVDI-19 Infodemic: Push and pull factors
28 May 2020 | 10.00AM - 11.00AM CET
via ZOOM

False stories, hoaxes and manipulative stories related to COVID-19 are spreading like wildfire. Viral videos, claims of dark conspiracies and promises of miraculous treatments reach the all-time high. While some hoped that the pandemic would increase the trust in facts and science, the opposite seems to be the case.
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Europe in the post-COVID-19 world. Could flexible Europe work?
29 May 2020 | 10.00AM - 11.00AM CET
via ZOOM

How does the COVID-19 crisis affect the EU internally and externally? Can the EU reconcile the varying levels of ambition present within an ever larger and less homogeneous EU, preserve the EU’s unity, and still play an important role on the global stage?
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Every Thursday @ 7 pm CEST
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GLOBSEC's Roger Hilton, Zuzana Podracka and their guests talk about Life, the Universe and Everything, from politics to entertainment.
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EU-US Dialogue in the Post Corona World

What are the areas of an urgent need for coordination in the transatlantic sphere? How will we restart our economies and prevent further protectionism and isolationism? Is deglobalization an effective alternative approach to building economic resiliency and diminish global supply chain dependencies?

These questions and more were touched upon by Kinga Brudzinska, Maithreyi Seetharaman,  Nicolae Stefanuta, Torrey Taussig, and Ben Haddad in an online webinar organised by GLOBSEC and Atlantic Council.

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NATO's Deterrence and Defence Agenda

Under the #NATOEngages banner, Terry Martin talks to ASG Patrick Turner about NATO's priorities, challenges and continuous adaptation of its deterrence and defence posture in the light of a rapidly evolving security environment.

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