The European Union as a Security Actor


In recent years, the EU has become an important actor in international politics. In the past, the EU's peace missions were designed to prevent the recurrence of Europe's history. However, today, the EU has become a defender of liberal values and the international legal order. The security side of the EU has not been a central debate in Norway, but it should be now. The EU is no longer just a security policy bulwark against the past. Now, it well operates in the present too. Even though the EU is not about security in the traditional sense – like NATO, it deals with threats that challenge our social system and our values. Therefore, Norway has both a responsibility and a vested interest in helping to protect our freedom and values ​​together with like-minded European partners in the EU.

This op-ed was written by Karsten Friis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of Security and Defence Research Group from our partner organization Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). The full article in Norwegian language is published on and can be found here.