Ukrainian Breakthrough as a Window of Opportunity: How Can Ukraine’s Allies Use this Moment to Secure Success?

on 26.10.2022

Launched between the end of August and the beginning of September, Ukraine’s still-underway counteroffensive operation appeared surprising, rapid, and highly disruptive for the Russian occupation forces. While it is objectively recognised as the greatest success of Ukraine’s defence forces and Russia’s most disastrous defeat since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, there should be no euphoria. 

The good news is that by performing an exemplary military operation, Ukraine reached a milestone in mid-September and has taken the strategic initiative into its hands. However, experts and the military community suggest this is not even the beginning of the end. Several factors represent a significant threat to Ukraine’s civil population, while the situation on the frontline is challengeable. Soon after the details of the Russians’ defeat became public, Russia launched a series of missile strikes targeting critical infrastructure objects to demonstrate what could be expected during the winter season. Putin also renewed his nuclear blackmailing, synchronised with the preparation of the orchestrated pseudo-referendums.

Now, Ukraine’s operational-tactical level success should be secured on the political level. The numerous victories on the battlefield should lead to victory. For Ukraine, the breakthrough costs an extremely high price. This window of opportunity opened by the Ukrainian defence forces should now be used with the utmost efficiency to amplify the support and to help Ukrainians win the battle for survival. Winning this battle would prevent the spread of ‘Pax Russica’ further into the European continent. There are at least five reasons why to invest in transatlantic security right now.

You can learn more about them in the PDF below.