09.02.2021 – How to Move Forward After a Year that Set the Women’s Voice in Public Affairs Backward?


09 February 2021 (Tuesday)

10 AM – 11 AM CET

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The event will be live-streamed on this page (on the video tile below) and on our social media channels.

The past forty years of female emancipation and thought-provoking outcomes of increased female participation in public and political life brought us to a crossroads in 2020. The rise of far-right extremist groups across Europe which advocate for a return of a “traditional family” with women being moved to the side-lines of decision-making, has led to backsliding in regard to women’s rights in a number of states. Simultaneously, the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in women being disadvantaged on the questions of social security, labour market, and access to quality education. The UN Secretary-General stated earlier this year that “if we are to meet today’s global challenges, from the climate crisis to growing inequality and the digital divide, we must join together.” However, can we face these challenges with merely half of the world’s brainpower while the other half experiences a lack of safety net, considerable pay gap and high chances of gender-based violence? What does the concept of “together” mean in the context of Covid-19? How can female voices flip the coin?

The launch is run under the umbrella of the CEE Her Initiative, implemented by GLOBSEC with the support of the Open Society Foundations.