10.11.2020 - Sustainable and Green Europe: The Way Towards Global Leadership?



10 November 2020 (Tuesday)

10 - 11 am CET via Zoom

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The event will be live-streamed on this page (on the video tile below) and on our social media channels.

The new reformed Europe should be standing on two strong legs- digital and green. The clear European Commission (EC) priorities are already included in the next Multinational Financial Framework (MFF) and NextGenEU package as vital contributors for a European sustainable economy. While digital transformation is essential for the survival and wellbeing of the economy, there is certain scepticism that the EU can be a leader that shapes the digital global economy. The EU is catching up in the domain, hardly leading. However, the EU can assure the sustainability and growth of its economy as well as a potential global leadership role through its green agenda. Ambitious green polices can lead to solving environmental, economic, global leadership, and migration problems, among others.

However, certain opposition has formed to the proposed green policies, based on the big leapfrog jump required in Central and Eastern Europe and farmers’ concerns across the EU, for example. What are the benefits from the completion of the set green priorities for the national governments and the EU as a whole? What are the drawbacks? Can ambition be balanced? Could the EU be a global leader in Green policies and an influencer in global standards?


  • Ladislav Miko, Head, Representation of the European Commission in the Slovak Republic
  • Marcin Korolec, President, Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation, former minister of Climate, Environment and Trade, Poland
  • Norbert Kurilla, Advisor, Environment, Energy, Climate Change and the Business Environment, Office of the President of the Slovak Republic

Led by Vladislava Gubalova, Research fellow, GLOBSEC