23.06.2020 - Democratic Vulnerabilities: How to Rebuild the Trust?


June 23, 2020, from 15:00– 16:00 Paris Time (CEST)

This webinar was live-streamed through GLOBSEC’s Facebook page.

The event consisted of a report presentation followed by a discussion on Democratic Vulnerabilities: How to rebuild the trust? 

At times of instability and insecurity reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, democracies can become particularly fragile. A belief in good governance, trustworthy media and institutions, and active civil society are now crucial for democratic societies to get back on their feet, move forward and overcome societal and economic challenges of the near future. But what if the societies lack these components?  

GLOBSEC’s new report provides a unique insight into satisfaction with democracy and current governance systems in 10 Central and Eastern European countries. By observing links between the support for liberal democracy over autocracy, satisfaction with the governance and life, or inclination to believe in conspiracy and misinformation narratives, the report reveals fragile spots that require further discussion on multiple levels. 

What are the current attitudes toward democracy in the region? Are inclinations towards illiberalism felt within the societies? What should we do to tackle the insecurities and growing distrust in the system and what role is misinformation playing in sowing the doubt? 


Christopher Walker, Vice President for Studies and Analysis, National Endowment for Democracy 

Miriam Lexmann, Member of the European Parliament, EPP 

Katarína Klingová, Senior Research Fellow, Democracy & Resilience Programme, GLOBSEC 

Dominika Hajdu, Research Fellow, Democracy & Resilience Programme, GLOBSEC

Watch the video with the full discussion below: