25.02.2021 - The Information Landscape as a Theatre of Geopolitical Competition


Read the policy takeaways from the event here

Threats to the international security landscape have never been so diverse or quick to materialize. Many of the most innovative solutions to these emerging threats come from the private sector. Established companies and startups alike make quantum leaps in technological development possible. Those developments, in turn, transform how nations assess national security threats and engage with citizens. In response to these challenges, GLOBSEC has partnered with NATO for the NATO 2030: NATO Private Sector Dialogues with GLOBSEC. This event will be the fourth dialogue in a series of six and will look to build on the policy outcomes of the 25 November conference, which focused on The Future of Warfare and the Role of New and Emerging Technologies, the 21 January dialogue on The Private Sector’s Contribution to Alliance Security, and the 11 February dialogue on Sustainable Defence Innovation and the Fight Against Climate Change.

The upcoming dialogue on The Information Landscape as a Theatre of Geopolitical Competition will aim to help NATO better understand the private sector’s perspective on the security challenges and realities that come along with the internet’s development into a contested arena for defence and security. As the internet’s importance for our societies continues to grow, this contest for dominance can be expected to continue. The centrality of private sector actors in these domains makes these conversations essential. Following an introductory session, invited participants will split off into pre-assigned breakout rooms for more in-depth conversations. All the participants will be active contributors and are invited to speak and share their expertise with other participants during the breakout room session. Each breakout room will focus on a different subtopic related to public-private collaboration, including (1) Techno-Political Decision Points on EmergingInfrastructure, (2) The Weaponization of the Information Space, (3) The Future Governance of the Information Landscape, (4) How Storytelling Is Impacted by the Digitalization of the Information Space. The meeting will conclude with a moderated wrap-up session. All conversations during the conference will be governed by the Chatham House Rule.

Read the policy takeaways from the event here