Europe’s Global Role in the post-COVID World


During our annual Château Béla: Central European Strategic Forum, GLOBSEC has the pleasure to organize a discussion titled “Europe’s Global Role in the post-COVID World”

World politics has always been defined by the struggles among great powers over which actor gets to set the rules of the game and shape the international system around their interests. Rather than harness the power of international cooperation, states have used the Covid-19 crisis to further their geopolitical ambitions, causing a further divide among global powers. Today’s international powerplay has been marked by the relative decline of the US strategic position in the past years, coupled with the increasing dominance of China. The question for Europe is what role it can play in mitigating the tensions and asserting its influence globally. With “strategic autonomy" becoming the EU's latest catchphrase, the bloc has been pushing to increase self-sufficiency and boost its own industries. In order to be successful though, what should be Europe’s priorities in creating strategic alliances? What should be the shape and form of the EU’s common policy towards China?


This event forms part of the project titled “Enhanced European Opportunity Partners in the EU’s Defence and Security Initiatives: Study case of Norway, which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.