Event Summary: And the Best Choice Remains… the European Union


On 23 May 2024, GLOBSEC, in partnership with ELIAMEP, European Movement Ireland, and the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), organised an online event entitled And the Best Choice Remains… the European Union.

The virtual debate was organised as part of the EUact2 project, where, in a relaxed environment, invited guests discussed why the EU remains the best choice in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections. Comedians and opinion-shapers from three different European countries sat down to discuss their shared experiences, reminding us that we are all in this together.

Nearly 90 people (54 women (62%) and 33 men (38%)) joined the event held via ZOOM from 13 different EU countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Czechia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Austria. All involved participants had the opportunity to ask the guests questions directly using the chat. 

To add a touch of humour and personality to the discussion, we invited three special guests: Kilian Sunderman, a comedian, actor, and podcaster from Ireland; Nina Hartmann, an Austrian actress and writer; and Jakub Gulík, a stand-up comedian from Slovakia. Together, they reminisced about the times when their countries joined the EU and the eurozone and reflected on the daily benefits of EU membership that we often take for granted. All three agreed that appropriate and effective communication with ordinary citizens remains key.

Kilian Sunderman emphasized Ireland's strong relationship with the EU, stating that he cannot envision a scenario where Ireland would consider leaving the Union. Despite minor setbacks in the past, he believes that the positives far outweigh the negatives and that it is essential to educate the public on the advantages of EU membership.

Nina Hartmann praised the EU's ability to unite diverse cultures and nations under one umbrella. She pointed out that, given its vast size, it is unlikely anyone would identify themselves solely as "European." Nonetheless, she emphasized the richness of having multiple cultures and traditions to draw from and learn from each other.

At the end of the discussion, Jakub Gulík underlined that the EU is a successful project, but it is still an experiment that is changing. However, the fact that the EU has maintained peace and stability has led him to conclude that the EU remains the best choice for our future.

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