GLOBSEC Launched its New Danube Innovation Tracker

danube tech

GLOBSEC launched its new Danube Innovation Tracker in Prague. The launch brought together representatives from both the public and private sectors to introduce the tracker's value for the innovation ecosystem within the whole Danube region. 

The tracker assesses the current state of the innovation ecosystem and brings along a platform that helps the users identify the stakeholders, start-ups and unicorns, venture capital (VC), accelerators, and other partners of the innovation ecosystem of the Danube Valley. A platform where all the data will be centralized to measure innovation in the Danube Region, from Southern Germany to Moldova is provided by the Danube Tech Valley Initiative.  

The Danube Innovation Tracker will contribute to bringing a sense of community but also enhance the understanding of obstacles within the ecosystem that hinder its level of maturity and its outcomes, and track progress to tackle bottlenecks with the stakeholders. Besides, such a comprehensive mapping of the extensive region that is the Danube Valley has been non-existent. GLOBSEC strives to provide a platform for the stakeholders to be referenced, contributing to a better understanding of the region, and opening the door to growth opportunities.