Hybrid threats in the V4 countries, through the eyes of a Think Visegrad Fellow


On November 14, 2019, the GLOBSEC Policy Institute, in the framework of the Think Visegrad – V4 Think Tank Platform, held the presentation, “Hybrid threats posed by Russian regional influence in the Visegrad 4 (V4) countries”, by Think Visegrad 2019 Fellow Mr Rufin Zamfir.

In this session Mr Zamfir, who is a Programmes Director at the Global Focus Center in Romania, presented his research, resulting from the five-week long´ Think Visegrad Fellowship Programme. In total, Mr Zamfir has done 25 open-ended, semi-structured interviews on Hungary (5 interviews), Poland (5 interviews), Slovakia (10 interviews) and Czech Republic (5 interviews).

His research aimed to investigate the existence of and to analyse the mechanisms for counteracting hybrid threats in Visegrad countries (V4). Starting from the analysis of the most significant vulnerabilities identified in each Visegrad country, the author intended to test the potential for the viability of a joint Stratcom-type mechanism, as part of a more complex response is hindering the efforts of hostile states to interfere in the internal affairs of the V4 members, based on the current institutional design and operational arrangements in place in the four Visegrad members.

It was concluded that at the present moment, it is impossible to make a proper assessment of the viability of such a joint response mechanism. The limited awareness of the threat in V4 states and the subsequently limited individual response capacities – with few notable exceptions – do not offer the necessary set of circumstances that might be conducive to the development of a joint mechanism.

The full analysis will be available here in January.

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