Innovative Uses of AI by Civil Society in Europe


On June 26 2024 at 10:00 CET, join us for a webinar moderated by Marc Faddoul from AI Forensics.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming various sectors, including civil society. Across Europe, AI technologies are being deployed to tackle complex societal challenges, enhance organizational efficiency, and empower communities. This webinar, titled "Innovative Uses of AI in Civil Society in Europe," is part of the Future of Democracy & Technology Initiative by GLOBSEC. It aims to explore how AI is being harnessed by civil society organizations (CSOs) to address issues such as disinformation and human rights advocacy. By bringing together experts from leading technology companies, research institutions, and civil society organizations, this webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the innovative applications of AI and discuss best practices, challenges, and future opportunities.


  • To showcase innovative uses of AI by civil society organizations in Europe.
  • To discuss the tools and technologies developed by leading tech companies to support civil society initiatives.
  • To explore the ethical considerations and challenges associated with deploying AI in civil society.
  • To foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among technology providers, researchers, and CSOs.

Confirmed speakers:

Katerina Anna Magnna, Microsoft

Katerina will present the latest AI tools and platforms developed by Microsoft to support civil society initiatives. She will discuss specific case studies and provide insights into how these technologies can be effectively utilized by CSOs to enhance their operations, improve outreach, and achieve their missions more efficiently.

Ognjan Denkovski, Democracy Reporting International

Ognjan will share a real-world example of how Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is using AI in their work, as well as highlight other existing tools useful for CSOs in the field. He will cover the implementation process, the outcomes achieved, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned from integrating AI into their organizational framework.

Paola Gálvez Callirgos, Global Independent Consultant in Tech Policy & AI Governance

Paola will address the importance of human-centric governance structures that promote fairness, transparency, and accountability, providing actionable recommendations for CSOs to drive innovation and positive change through responsible AI in the nonprofit sector. Additionally, she will present compelling use cases demonstrating how nonprofits can leverage AI to improve fundraising, expand creative capacities, communicate program impacts clearly, and build stronger community connections.