Webinar “Coupling Energy Security, Regional Connectivity and REPowerEU Targets in the CEE Region”


 The war launched by President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine has put the European Union (EU) energy security and affordability under threat. The current economic and geopolitical context, coupled with the multiple packages of sanctions and new policies, first and foremost the REPowerEU plan, are changing the EU energy landscape in a radical way.  

REPowerEU sets ambitious targets for all Member States to preserve energy security while advancing the transition towards net-zero by 2050. The distinct infrastructure, environmental and financial circumstances of countries in the CEE  region demand special attention. In this broader context, the CEE region is facing unprecedented challenges. Uncertainty ranges from the uncertain landscape of supply routes and energy sources and unpredictable reconfiguration of these sources in emergency cases. Regional coordination and joint actions have the potential to increase resilience via-à-vis the decoupling from Russian energy sources and, in the longer-term, to shape secure energy systems in line with the EU Green Deal climate targets.   

In addressing unprecedented security challenges and threats to their financial stability, the CEE region should seize the moment to foster their resilience and enhance their role in contributing to Europe’s future climate neutral space.

In line with GLOBSEC’s effort to facilitate and structure public-private dialogue, this webinar will foster in-depth discussions on the lines of the following guiding questions:

  • What key specificities need to be factored in as major challenges or opportunities when implementing the REPowerEU in the CEE region?
  • What flexible options of energy savings and efficiency would meet the CEE region’s specificities and support its energy security? 
  • What measures should be introduced to shield vulnerable households and sustaining business activity during the coming winter months? 
  • What joint energy projects and investments could be advanced in the region? What cross-border initiatives should be prioritised? How to foster collaborative efforts and public-private partnerships across the region?

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