Women’s Voices in Media: Essential at Times of War and Peace


Women in media as contributors and as story subjects are often underrepresented. On the whole diversity in the media is an overlooked and underappreciated factor in what shapes the narratives that define our lives.

The war in Ukraine has jolted our societies in realizing that women’s voices in media are an essential element in informing societies, supporting those suffering, and advocating for peace and security. The benefits of greater participation of women in media at times of war and peace for society are undeniable.

Via this online event we would like to address:

  • Why the role of women in media is an essential topic to discuss? What are the benefits of women’s participation in media at times of war and peace?
  • What is the current representation of women as authors and contributors in media outlets? Does war change perceptions about women journalists?
  • What are the identifiable barriers for women in media? How can women in media become more present and influential?

During this event, we will also present the key findings of our new Report on Women’s Voices in Media: A Look at Central Europe, which aims to contribute towards a more comprehensive goal of changing narratives and policies in Central Europe where gender equality can lead to more stable, secure, and prosperous region.


  • Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová - Slovak Journalist and Host, Bratislava
  • Terry Martin, Journalist, Senior News Anchor, Deutsche Welle, Berlin
  • Roxolana Lisovska, Head, Foreign Newsroom, UA:Persyj, Ukraine
  • Olha Konsevych, Editor-in-chief, 24 TV, Ukraine

Report presented by:  

Sofiia Shevchuk, Independent Consultant on Foreign Policy, Security and Diplomacy 

Led by: Roger Hilton, Media Presenter at GLOBSEC


The event is hosted under the umbrella of the CEE Her Initiative, implemented by GLOBSEC. 

You can register here: https://bit.ly/3738Nxm