Press release

Alena Kudzko appointed Director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute. Jakub Wisniewski to become VP for Strategy


GLOBSEC has announced Alena Kudzko was appointed the Director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute. The appointment is coupled with the expansion of Jakub Wisniewski’s portfolio who will become Vice-President for Strategy. Both appointments are with immediate effect.  

The promotions come at the time of a global crisis and reflect GLOBSEC’s unwavering commitment to explain the trends that shape our present and future and help deliver timely solutions in all circumstances.   

Alena Kudzko, who brings a wealth of experience in leadership and analysis in the field of foreign affairs,  transatlantic relations and security matters, migration and Eastern Europe as such, will head up the GLOBSEC Policy Institute as the world enters a challenging period following the coronavirus outbreak. She previously served as Deputy Research Director at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute for almost four years. 

Amb Jakub Wisniewski will assume the role of Vice-President for Strategy. His role will be broadened to the whole organization to advise the President and the Board on the strategy and lead the transformation effort for the whole organization. Jakub’s decades of experience in diplomatic corps, government and foreign affairs and the tremendous accomplishments in leading, consolidating, and expanding the role and impact of the GLBOSEC Policy Institute over the past 3.5 years will be an asset to GLOBSEC’s commitment to adjust to new challenges.   

Robert Vass, President of GLOBSEC, commented on the appointments: “With an unprecedented change and disruption unfolding in many industries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the international think tank sector, Alena’s and Jakub’s jobs will not be easy. However, I am also convinced this disruption presents many opportunities.  We at the Board believe that Alena’s forward-looking, dynamic and analytical approach, and her having been at the core of multiple Institute’s projects and initiatives will be a great asset to our commitment to the future success of GLOBSEC. She will be prepared to take all necessary steps required in these unprecedented times to deliver on the mission of our organisation and will be a great partner for our stakeholders. She inherits the Institute in great shape – the achievement that became possible under the great leadership and vision of Jakub Wisnieski.  

I am extremely pleased to work with Jakub in a new, enhanced capacity now. His expertise, leadership, and unrivalled ability to understand the future direction of the world will be essential for our organisation in these challenging times, Alena Kudzko said. 

 “This is the trying and dynamic time for everyone. But this is also a moment when global cooperation becomes indispensable”, Alena Kudzko added. “Expertise is back in fashion. Our mission to deliver new ideas and build global partnerships to enhance security and prosperity is more urgent than ever. With our tremendously talented team and great partners, I am optimistic that we can deliver.”  

“I am committed to helping guide GLOBSEC through the new world we will live in after the pandemic. Our societies need to come together. I am convinced that with concerted effort, we will be able to shape the world to deliver a better future for all of us”, reflected Amb Wisniewski.  

In addition, these appointments have contributed to the enhanced gender balance of the senior executive management of GLOBSEC, with 40% now being female.  “We are glad that a female candidate has been selected for the position. A more diverse skillset and a holistic approach of the management team will provide further long-term benefits and greater adaptability of our organisation in a new world,” the GLOBSEC Board added. 

Previously, Alena Kudzko held the position of Deputy Research Director at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute. Amb Jakub Wisniewski was Director of the GLOBSEC Policy and Vice President for Research.