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Alliance for Healthy Infosphere: Feedback to Digital Service Act Consultation Submitted to the European Commission

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The situation with regards to disinformation and proliferation of hate speech in European digital space has been worrying.  

The COVID-19 infodemic has brought questions about trust in public institutionsgrowth of polarisation and spread of harmful content on social media across the EU to the forefront. The lack of common set of practices and transparency which would effectively protect all users across the EU from harmful content on digital platforms exacerbates these issues further.  

European Commission recognises this inefficiency in the regulation of European digital space. The digital market has changed substantially since the ratification of the e-Commerce directive in 2000. Public consultation on a new directive shaping Europe’s digital future has been therefore announced to strengthen the functioning of a European digital single market. 

Recognising this need for action, the Alliance for Healthy Infosphere has been founded by GLOBSEC in July. 10 members from EU Member states joined the project to strengthen the dialogue on the future of digital space in Europe. One week after the first meeting of the Alliance members, the Digital Services Act Package consultation has now been successfully submitted to the European Commission.  Its aim is to provide specific insights and experience of markets such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and others into the discussion on European digital services policy formulation.  

To protect European citizens and democracies in all markets, the Alliance was set up to offer its research-based feedback for markets which suffer from lack of regulation of social media the most.  

You can read our previous feedback on the Digital Services Act Roadmap here and the new one attached below.

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