Press release

EUact “get out and vote” EP Elections 2019 social media campaign


GLOBSEC together with its partners: Das Progressive Zentrum (Germany), Higher School of International Relations and Social Communication (Poland) and Slavyani Foundation (Bulgaria) have developed a social media video campaign before the European Parliament 2019 elections geared towards young people. 

This EUact’ 1 pilot action "get out and vote” video campaign aims at encouraging young people to voteWe believe that young people can be positively affected and motivated by the right messages of online influencers.  

The videos are produced in the local language of the partner countriesEach video is different according to the local context.

GLOBSEC EP2019 elections campaign “Europa” 

Mišo Šabo, Zomri, To je ten náš MatúšZuzana VačkováDidianaDominika Kavaschová – all of them wear our “Europe” bag that symbolizes freedom of movement. They do care how the future of the European Union will look like and therefore they are going to vote on May, 25. And you?

Das Progressive Zentrum EP2019 elections campaign “Werde Teil des TeamEuropa!

Slavyani Foundation EP2019 elections campaign “Vote for your Europe   

МЛАДЕЖТА И ЕВРОИЗБОРИТЕ:Среща организирана от Фондация "Славянипо програма "ЕВРОПА НА

Higher School of International Relations and Social Communication EP2019 elections campaign Towards Modern Europe

The European Commission support for the production of these videos but does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 

 The project is financially supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.